Working pensioners will not pay tax on the first €15,000 under the new PN government


Pensioners who choose to continue working will pay no tax on the first €15,000 they earn from working under a new PN government.

At a press conference on Saturday, PN spokesperson Peter Agius and MP Maria Deguara announced that in its first 100 days a new government led by Bernard Grech would introduce a number of measures to promote the active aging and ensuring a better quality of life for the elderly.

The party said some 18,700 people will benefit from the scheme removing tax on the first €15,000 pensioners earn from their jobs.

Additionally, a new PN government will increase Carer’s Allowance to €192 per week while the increased Carer’s Aid for bedridden people will increase to €288 per week.

Deguara explained that this will apply to both the elderly and people with disabilities to ensure they receive the appropriate support from loved ones choosing to care for the most vulnerable in their family.

Currently, some 1,500 people receive these allowances, Deguara said, adding that . increasing spending on these allowances will save money on services provided in nursing homes.

Deguara said a new PN government will also cover the full cost of a full-time carer at home up to a maximum of €12,000 a year for the elderly and severely disabled who need round-the-clock care. 24 and 7/7.

In addition, a new PN-led government will ease the burden of inflation on the elderly by reducing the annual service fees paid to Enemalta and the Water Services Corporation for meters by 50%, or €64. This will apply to all households where at least one pensioner is registered. Agius and Deguara said some 56,000 households will benefit from this measure.

Older people who have conditions that entitle them to free medicine on the government formulary list will get a discount if they have to buy the medicine privately because it is not available or causes a side effect. If the complaint is clinically justified, a discount equivalent to the price of the drug listed on the formulary will be granted.

A new PN government will also encourage service providers to reduce the basic charge for internet service for the elderly to €5 per month. This will encourage the use of technology among seniors and a helpline will be set up to help seniors apply for the program and use other online services and applications.


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