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From Okwe Obi, Abuja

Actionaid Nigeria has identified the underutilization of taxes in the areas of infrastructure, security and governance as reasons why most Nigerians escape remittances.

Actionaid Nigeria chief governance officer Celestine Okwudili Odoh said at a two-day national tax summit hosted by the Tax Justice and Governance Platform (TJ&GP) yesterday in Abuja.

Either way, Odoh urged citizens to always pay taxes and, also, urged the government to wisely until taxes collected in order to make citizens pay civil liability.

“We are campaigning for people to pay a fair share of tax from businesses. We have nationals, multinationals and we also have those hiding in the informal sector.

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“It’s not just about paying taxes; it is the government which uses tax revenues by providing social amenities to the population.

“If you look at the theme of the summit, it talks about public finances and accountability. Thus, the government must hold public resources with confidence and we expect to be accountable for the use of resources.

“No one is suing the government; it’s about partnering with government. The point is that the government should be able to put in place mechanisms to ensure compliance in order to avoid compromises that would lead to the confiscation of revenues and the closure of leaks.

“We don’t want resources to be diverted. Globalization is also present, making it difficult to track digital transactions.

“There is an amendment on how it should be done globally and Nigeria should be part of it.

“The government should be able to name and shame tax evaders. We create that space and engage with government and multinationals.

“Besides non-compliance, we also have illicit financial flows from Africa. Previously, Thabo Mbeki had said that more than 50 billion dollars left Africa each year, but it is more than that today, ”he submitted.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the Fiscal Responsibility Committee, Victor Muruakor, has expressed concern about citizens’ reservations about doing what is necessary, adding that even those who do are cheating the system.

Muruakor lamented the mismanagement of government projects located in communities, saying people in rural areas care less about these projects but cautiously hold back those they helped build.

“Even companies find it very easy to bypass payment methods after declaring so many dividends.

“In order to hand over their taxes to the government, they find a way to subsume the profits so that the government does not pay such a tax.

“What is curious is that the same people who like to impose themselves to make personal donations to churches, village organization and community development for heavy projects that take time to complete, find it surprisingly difficult to give part of their income in the form of taxes to the government, but wait for the government to provide certain things, ”he said.

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