Western Sumi Hoho, CSOs decide not to pay taxes to Naga political groups; encourage investors to invest

Leaders of Western Sumi Hoho and NGO of the newly created district of Niuland.

Dimapur, July 23 (EMN): The Western Sumi Hoho (WSH) and NGOs in the newly established Niuland District on Saturday passed resolutions on relevant issues such as the development issue, relentless taxation by Naga Political Groups (NPGs), land allocation and the free flow of alcohol and drugs in the district. .

The resolutions were passed during WSH’s coordination meeting with several leading civil society organizations in Niuland District, such as Niuland District GB Association, Niuland Region Citizens Forum, Niuland Development Board, Niuland Area GBS Association, Niuland Totimi Hoho Area and Niuland Area. Student Union, at the DC Conference Hall in the City of Niuland, according to an update received here Saturday.

The house passed a resolution not to pay taxes to any Naga political group “as this has become the main reason for hindering the growth and development of Niuland in all fields”.

“The shortcomings and omissions in the allocation of land by the Niuland District Administration to various persons without following proper standards will be investigated for which a committee of five persons has been set up,” we read in the update.

“Land donors were also asked not to seek any land compensation from the government, as development belongs to everyone,” he added.

“The Student Union, Totimi Hoho and Niuland Citizens Forum have been tasked with checking the free flow of alcohol and drugs in Niuland, which would become a threat and ruin the lives of many young people and families and pose a social problem “, he continued.

The WSH also called on all entrepreneurs and business ventures to invest fearlessly in the Niuland district, saying it has a high economic prospect and could become an educational and commercial center due to its proximity to Assam and the region. improved connectivity with the construction of the Nagaland Expressway, also known as Foothill Road.


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