System problems make people reluctant to pay taxes


National Income Council Chairman Abu Hena Md Rahmatul Muneem said on Sunday that difficulties in the tax payment system made people reluctant to pay income tax.

“Paying taxes is not difficult for people with taxable income, but they don’t want to pay taxes due to problems in the tax payment process,” he said at the inauguration Dhaka Zone 6 Income Tax Online Tax Submission Software.

The tax zone commissioned the piloting of online tax filing after the tax administration suspended its nationwide online tax filing system over technical issues and procedural complexities.

People see the process of paying taxes as a hassle, the NBR chairman said, adding that automating the tax administration would take away the fear and hassle.

It will also boost revenue collection, he said.

He said the tax zone’s online tax filing system will be rolled out nationwide next year.

Individual zone 6 taxpayers in Dhaka will be able to file their tax returns online using the 1.35 lakh taxpayer zone web software and taxpayers will instantly get tax payment receipts.

Taxpayers will need to log into the zone’s web address ( to file returns, TDS returns, request for time extension, and request for relevant services.

Muneem said the automation process has been delayed due to the coronavirus outbreak and hopefully taxpayers across the country will be able to file their tax returns online next year.

Area commissioner Mohammad Jahid Hasan, among others, spoke on the show.

Earlier in October, the NBR decided to develop an online tax filing system with its own resources after it suspended its existing electronic filing system, the Bangladesh Integrated Tax Administration System (BiTAX), and sent a technical audit because the system failed to attract taxpayers. due to technical complexities and unfriendly functionality.

The e-filing system was introduced in 2016 as part of a Tk 59 crore project with funding from the Asian Development Bank.

Only 7,209 taxpayers, 0.33% of the total 22 lakh returns, filed their tax returns online during the last fiscal year 2019-2020.

A total of 13,895 taxpayers filed their tax returns online over the past four tax years in fiscal 2016-2019.


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