Sharjeel calls Imran a proven thief as he failed to pay tax


Political opponents of the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) are spreading false rumors about the postponement of local elections in the province.

Sindh Information and Transport Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon made the remark on Thursday while addressing the media at the Sindh Assembly. He advised people not to pay attention to these rumors about the postponement of local elections.

He said that political opponents to the PPP had not found candidates to present them in local elections in up to 80% of the regions of the province. Memon said the local elections had not been postponed and preparations for the elections should continue. He added that only a court ruling could postpone local government elections.

On a question, the information minister said that the mandate of the people was stolen in the last general election to make Imran Khan the prime minister by artificial means. Imran had started hatching serious conspiracies against state institutions after they became politically neutral, Memon said, adding that social media platforms were particularly used to implement the PTI’s heinous conspiracies against state institutions. of State.

He alleged that Imran went into politics with a dictatorial mindset as he wanted to spread anarchy in the country by clashing with all institutions. He said Imran and his sister evaded paying taxes and benefited from a tax amnesty program, under which they were avowed thieves.

He said Imran’s government did not have a majority in the National Assembly, due to which ordinances were issued continuously during the three and a half years of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) rule. .

The constitution and law of the land have been brazenly violated under the PTI government, he said. The Minister of Information said that the educated public in the country would not allow the PTI President and his political cronies to target state institutions and their leaders in their propaganda campaign. “All parties support our institutions because they will protect each of the agencies,” Memon said.


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