RTL Today – New party: Fokus proposes direct election of government and tax reforms


On Sunday, the Fokus party, which was founded earlier this year, held its national convention.

Frank Engel, head of the party’s designated list for the 2023 elections, discussed Fokus’ policy with our colleagues from RTL.lu. Engel clarified that the party does not see itself as belonging to any specific political camp. “Nobody wants to know what your political beliefs are as long as you come up with something that people think could improve their lives,” Engel said.

On Sunday, the party’s national committee discussed rising energy prices, inflation and economic growth, which Fokus said should be better integrated in the Greater Region.

The party has not yet decided on its main policies for the 2023 elections because “we don’t know what situation the country will be in then”. That being said, Engel said he is certain that social justice and fair taxation will be important issues. “We would like, but we can’t at this stage,” said the head of the list, adding that we had promised citizens tax reform for too long. According to Engel, adjusting the tax table to inflation is “feasible” and a fair categorization of certain wage categories and levels is “necessary”. A few weeks ago, Fokus already proposed the establishment of a “social index”.

Another topic that was discussed by the National Committee on Sunday was the evolution of democracy in Luxembourg. Fokus criticizes the Chamber of Deputies for “not fully assuming its responsibilities”. For this reason, the party proposes a form of direct government election. “The people should have a say in who represents them in government,” Engel said.

Regarding the 2023 municipal elections, Engel admitted that Fokus will not be able to collate voter lists across the country. Since there will be Biergerleschten (“Citizen Lists”) in many places, Fokus will consider alliances with these candidates. However, Engel also pointed out that the party has already decided to create its own lists in the main municipalities of Luxembourg, where Fokus will carry out its own campaigns.


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