Report shows Greensboro’s property tax hike could be the highest in the nation


According to an Agent Advice report on the cities with the highest property tax increases in the nation, Greensboro has a shot at being number one in 2022-23.

The data used for the report is from the 2021 tax year. Greensboro did not have a property tax rate increase in the 2021-22 fiscal year and is not on the list for 2021.

However, judging by the number one city listed for 2021, Greensboro has a good chance of being number one in 2022.

According to a City of Greensboro staff report, the estimated average property tax increase in Greensboro this fiscal year is approximately 30%.

According to Agent Advice, in 2021, the highest property tax increase in the country was 29.2% in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

So depending on exactly where that 30% or so is, Greensboro should definitely be near the top of the country in 2022.

In 2021, Winston-Salem had the highest property tax increase in North Carolina at 20.5%, which was high enough to be number five in the nation.

Charlotte was second in North Carolina and number 16 in the nation with a property tax increase of 10.8%.

Greenville, South Carolina, a city that Greensboro leaders are trying to emulate, was number 18 in the nation with a 9.9% property tax increase.

The fact that the nation’s highest tax rate increase for 2021 is close to Greensboro’s property tax rate increase for 2022 is a good indication of the massive tax increases that property owners are facing. of Greensboro are facing this year.

Number 2 on the 2021 list is Nashville, Tennessee, with a 27% tax increase and Number 3 is Knoxville, Tennessee, with a 22.2% tax increase, only slightly higher than Chattanooga, Tennessee, Au. number four with a 22% tax. increase.

Makes you think there’s something going on next door in Tennessee.


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