Real estate financing at Loan and Credit

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Real estate financing is one of the forms of special credit granted to individuals or companies, usually this credit is offered by some financial institution and its main purpose is the acquisition or renovation of a property, whether real estate or commercial.

Loan and Credit is one of the banks that offer real estate financing in Brazil to help people realize their own dream.

Real estate financing

Real estate financing

Loan and Credit offers real estate financing and makes it easy for its clients to realize the dream of their own home, commercial property or apartment. From credit analysis to payment term, everything is done with your customer in mind.

The Bank’s real estate financing can be done by individuals or companies and is made for those who need credit or who want to buy a new or used property.

Advantages of Real Estate Financing at Loan and Credit

Advantages of Real Estate Financing at Loan and Credit

In addition to having a flexible credit analysis, without bureaucracy and complication, the release of your credit is done quickly and the bank has competitive rates.

You can use your FGTS as a down payment for real estate, with up to 240 months to repay, Loan and Credit finances up to 70% of your property.

For Brazilians living abroad, a financing modality is also offered. With up to 240 months to pay, free registration and ITBI, and personalized service, you can buy your property from the other side of the world.

For those who want to acquire a commercial space, focus on their business and be rent free, Loan and Credit also provides real estate financing. The payment period is up to 240 months, with financing of up to 70% of the property value, personalized service and registration and free ITBI.

Loan and Credit is the first 100% digital bank in Brazil and is the only bank that offers a complete free account with no fees, completely free of charge.

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