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PLAINFIELD, SPRINGFIELD — Amid rising driver prices at the pumps, State Representative Mark Batinick has pushed for legislation to cap the amount of sales tax collected in Illinois for fuel.

Batinick, R-Plainfield, argued in a video released last Tuesday that Illinois drivers are particularly hard hit by rising gas prices due not only to state and local taxes per gallon, but also to the additional state sales tax. He says the plan would save drivers 10 to 30 cents a gallon and cap gasoline sales tax at 18 cents a gallon for fuel and 80 percent of that for gasohol and biodiesel.

“Rising gas prices have created a revenue windfall for states and local governments of hundreds of millions of dollars,” Batinick said in the video. “It’s a situation they didn’t expect and it’s frankly a situation they don’t deserve.”

He argued that rising prices disproportionately hurt middle- and low-income Illinois who pay a higher percentage of their income in energy costs. They’re also less likely to drive newer, fuel-efficient vehicles, and “they certainly don’t drive Teslas,” he said, referring to a brand of electric cars.

Batinick added that state gasoline taxes “also fuel the rift between Chicago and downstate. He said people who live in the central and southern parts of the state are much less likely to have public transportation readily available to get to work or run errands.

Batinick also criticized Democratic state lawmakers’ solutions to suspend the state fuel tax increase, estimated at 2.2 cents per gallon this year, which was included in the budget approved earlier. This year.

To solve the problem, Batinick said in the video that he offered HB 5723which would cap the amount of sales tax that can be charged based on the gasoline price situation “before the spike.”

“It keeps the money in the hands of those most affected,” he said.

Despite garnering more than 30 Republican co-sponsors, the bill failed to pass this spring’s legislative session in the House of Representatives.


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