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The Niger State Tax Administration (NGSIRS) has advised banks operating in the State, especially those whose branches remain closed due to non-payment of their unpaid taxes, to stop blackmail games and to pay their debt.

The service’s leadership, in a statement released to Minna on Sunday, insisted the banks were sealed due to non-payment of their taxes to the state government after several failed negotiations and efforts.

Management apparently responded to a letter written by the Niger State Bankers Committee, threatening to shut down all state banks if the affected branches were not unsealed, argued that such blackmail would not would not work.

The NGSIRS said the banks were treated as individual legal entities and not as a committee of bankers, a body with which the Service has no dealings.

Management said: “Six of the 8 originally sealed banks that responded to part of our request have been duly unsealed pending further reconciliation. High-level talks are underway with one of the major banks to open their branches on Monday.

“It is therefore unfortunate that an organization with which the Service has no dealings works with CBN officials to threaten the Service with fulfilling its legal obligation to collect revenue on behalf of the state government. of Niger, “the statement added.

The Service said it seems strange why the committee is acting like a registered union when the individual banks, with the exception of 2-3 others, have sorted out their problems.

The statement called on citizens of the state, especially those whose branches remain sealed, to pressure their banks to pay their unpaid taxes so that they can meet the daily financial obligations of their customers.

Eight banks and three other companies were sealed last week on Monday for their non-payment of a total tax of 460 million naira into the state government’s account.

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