Nagaland Village Council Won’t Pay “Tax” Until Naga Political Groups Unite


Kohima: Sovima Village Council under Dimapur District ordered all business establishments and individuals under its jurisdiction not to pay “tax” to Naga political groups until the various groups unite.

Sovima Village Council Chairman Sebastian Zumvu in a circular informed that the directive is issued as a result of the resolution adopted by the public organization Chumoukedima Circle Chakhro on August 24 at the meeting held in the village of Urra.
It has notified its residents not to pay “tax” to any “underground Naga faction unless / until the various groups unite and the Naga people decide otherwise.”

The President further informed that the opinion is in accordance with the decision taken by the Naga public on October 31, 2013, in the “one government, one tax” case.

The village council has warned that those who violate the circular will do so at their own risk.

Recently, the NSCN-IM also warned individuals against claiming taxes from state government and private construction on behalf of the group.

Stating that he had received complaints about such “antisocial material” carried out on behalf of NSCN-IM, he warned that anyone found to be engaging in such an abusive request would be treated according to his government’s rules.

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