MPP for Cariboo-Chilcotin shared his reaction to the government’s tax relief refund


In his reaction to the NDP’s unique ICBC rebate, Cariboo-Chilcotin MPP Lorne Doerkson said people are looking for relief and any relief would likely be greatly appreciated.

“But the problem is that the mechanism they use to credit the frank money we spent on insuring our vehicles doesn’t seem like an appropriate way to reimburse us.” Doerkson said: ‘It’s not about reimbursement, I think what people are looking for is a real commitment from this government to help lower the price at the pump. They certainly have mechanisms they could use to do that. In fact, Prime Minister Horgan was repeatedly quoted as saying he wanted to use every tool in the toolbox.

Doerkson went on to say that it was not a tool he expected.

“Like I said, we’ve already paid that money, so it’s more of a rebate or a refund. So the tools I’m looking to use are carbon tax reductions and that sort of thing he could quite do with a single stroke of his signature.

Today (Friday), the Government of British Columbia announced that ICBC will offer most drivers a $110 refund.

Anyone with a basic policy during the month of February will be eligible, plus the majority of business customers will benefit from a $165 discount.

“This is another success for rural Britsih Colombians.” Doerkson said: “People are constantly moving, whether it’s to one of the mines or the ranchers coming in from West Chilcotin, let’s face it, we’re going very long distances and we do it kind of like a routine, part of our weekly and monthly schedule. For people west of us to Lake Anahim or even in the Bella Coola Valley who use us as a service center, well, obviously they’re going to pay a higher price to make that trip.

Doerkson reiterated that the Premier has the ability with the stroke of a pen to reduce the price at the pump for people who use more fuel than the $110 they can receive this rebate directly at the pump.

“There’s probably close to 50 cents in taxes on every liter of fuel. We’ve seen other provinces do it, Alberta has lowered their fuel by about 13 cents or so, there’s no doubt it can be done here in BC.


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