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Shabeer Pattikkad

Kareem has been running into a frenzy and trying to change the bus owner of his name for the past two years.

Abdul Kareem with the reviews he received

Pattikad: Pulikkal Abdul Kareem from Keezhattur struggles under the crushing weight of the cross he is forced to carry. The latest notice he received says he has to pay Rs 1 lakh as road tax for a bus he never owned. This notice was received on March 30. Kareem has been running into a frenzy trying to change the bus owner of his name for the past two years.

Kareem became aware of the situation in September 2020. A summons was sent by the insurance company showing that a passenger on the bus traveling on Kozhikode Medical College road, who was wrongly registered as Kareem, had been injured. With this Kareem was considered the owner of the bus named ‘Arafa’ with the number KL10 U 1933.

He filed a complaint with Melattur police, the district police chief and RTO, but it came to nothing. Although the issue was raised during an Adalat held at the RTO office on September 25, 2020, the true owners of the bus were not present.

He received several summonses and notices before deciding to go to the town of Kozhikode in search of the bus. It wasn’t of much use. But he spotted a bus that had stopped the service parked on the Koottilangadi-Pallippuram side. He learned that there was a group of buses by the name of Arafa circulating in this area but could not find the owner. Kareem again filed a photo complaint with the RTO.

Kareem is tired of filing one lawsuit after another and spending his savings on the case. He went to the RT office in Perinthalmanna and looked at records from previous years and realized that the bus was actually under the name of another man named Abdul Kareem. Other details, including the address, belonged to the complainant. Kareem expressed concern that RTO officers are not cooperating with him to find those who caused this confusion.

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