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LINCOLN, NE (STL.News) Governor Pete Ricketts enacted Legislative Bill (LB) 387, allowing 100% of military retirement allowances to be exempt from Nebraska income tax effective 1 January 2022. The bill was sponsored by Senator Tom Brewer of Gordon at the request of Governor Ricketts and prioritized by Senator Tim Gragert of Creighton. He passed the final reading with a vote of 47-0.

“This is a great victory for our state, for the job creators of Nebraska and for the military families looking to put down roots in Nebraska,” Governor Ricketts said. “Thank you to the legislature for building on our past work and continuing to make our state more veteran and more military-friendly. “

“We want veterans, retired military personnel and their families to come to Nebraska and stay in Nebraska,” said John Hilgert, director of the Nebraska Department of Veterans Affairs. “We continue to make Nebraska more veteran and military friendly, and the broad support for this bill from the legislature to the governor’s office shows that our state is united and truly committed to this goal. “

Earlier this spring, the governor enacted LB 389, making it easier and faster for spouses of military personnel licensed to practice in another state to obtain a teaching permit after moving to Nebraska.


In recent years, Governor Ricketts has worked with the Legislature and veterans groups to support military families and Nebraska veterans. Below are a few examples of how Governor Ricketts is making Nebraska a more veteran-friendly state:

  • The Military Spouse Transition Program launched in April 2021 to help military spouses moving to Nebraska identify employment opportunities in state government.
  • Launched the SkillBridge Veterans Initiative in April 2021. Overseen by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, the program creates bonds between the military and Nebraska employers during their last 180 days of service. This gives participants a chance to explore the best solution for their specific talents and interests after transitioning from military service.
  • Expansion of the hiring preference for the state of Nebraska to include military spouses.
  • Signed LB 340 to make the Department of Veterans a One Stop Shop for Veterans Benefits and Homes.
  • Creation of five additional military license plates to recognize the service of members of the armed forces reserve.
  • Reciprocity ensured for military spouses across the country by updating the language for adoption of the Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact, which allows nurses to have a multi-state license.
  • Signed LB 12th which allows active duty military members or their spouses to be licensed real estate agents in Nebraska without paying a license fee if they have a valid real estate agent license in another state.
  • Signed LB 115 which allows military families reassigned to Nebraska to pre-register in a school district.
  • Signed LB 122e, allowing a Veteran, their spouse or dependents to qualify as residents for post-secondary education purposes if the Veteran is undergoing vocational rehabilitation.
  • DHHS authorized, with the recommendation of the appropriate council, to issue temporary licenses for professions governed by the Uniform Military Spouse Accreditations Act.
  • Plans to expand the Eastern Nebraska Veterans Home were recently approved by the US Department of Veterans Affairs and will soon be put out to tender. The expansion will create 30 new specialty care beds, convert 30 semi-private rooms to 24 private rooms and create space for an adult day health care program. The state’s share of funding – $ 3.3. million euros — was included in the Governor’s budget and approved by the Legislative Assembly in 2019.

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