Kolkata Municipal Corporation: Land, the owner of the house must pay taxes, otherwise the property will be lost! Strict Municipality of Kolkata


#Kolkata: Now a special number to identify Kolkata city ponds. The number begins with P for ponds or reservoirs. Even if the land and the pond or the house and the pond are together, the land of the body of water will be numbered separately with P.

The new initiative of the municipality to save the environment of Kolkata so that the land of the reservoir can be repaired. Kolkata Municipal Corporation Mayor Firhad Hakim said as a result the body of water was gradually shrinking even though houses, land and ponds were together. After this initiative of the municipality, the tendency to reduce the water bodies will stop.

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In the next two or three months, there will be no more unassessed properties in the city of Kolkata. That is, the municipality will subject all properties in the city of Kolkata to tax assessment.

Municipality of Kolkata will bring all houses, lands under tax. Land or houses whose owners cannot be found will be attached to the municipality of Calcutta. The landowner will have to take this with future proof.

Even if it is the land of the KMDA or any other organization, it must be reported to the municipality. Kolkata Municipal Corporation Mayor Firhad Hakim said several properties had not been contacted by the owner for a long time and were not paying property tax.

It also includes the lands of many government agencies. All of these lands have been identified by the Municipality of Kolkata. All land will be subject to property valuation within two to three months.

At the same time, Kolkata Municipality is taking a strict stance on unsafe houses in the city. There have already been cases of fatalities due to dangerous house collapses. Despite its repetition, many still have not left the dangerous house.

Kolkata Municipal Corporation will once again issue notices to unsafe houses during the monsoon season. If no action is taken this time, the government will bring the acquisition law on behalf of the Municipality of Kolkata. But at that time, the occupants and owners of the house will receive the certificate of possession.

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Mayor Firhad Hakim said many people fear that once they leave the dangerous house they will no longer be able to occupy it. That is why the Municipality of Kolkata will give a Certificate of Possession. So that residents can permanently leave the dangerous house.

On that day, Mayor of Kolkata Municipality and Chairman of KMD Firhad Hakim Kasbar said that an investigation had been ordered regarding the illegal construction of Ichash Entertainment.

If construction is on vacant three-lot plots, notice will be sent per municipal rules and then demolished. Firhad Hakim also recalled this rule from the municipality.

Since the land belongs to KMDA, the municipality will take action after receiving the investigation report from KMDA. According to sources, the KMDA has opened an investigation.

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