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As part of a government initiative, new tax requirements for Stafford Borough taxi drivers will come into effect this year.

This decision means that taxi and private hire drivers, as well as scrap dealers, will have to complete a tax audit when renewing their license from April 2022.

The government has put in place the new measures to make sure everyone pays taxes where appropriate – and they say this will help create a level playing field for those in industries that already pay their taxes.

The Stafford Borough Council has written to licensed trade operators and scrap metal dealers outlining the new requirements and provided them with an information sheet. Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs has implemented a new digital service to help people complete tax audits. The process kicks in from April 4, 2022 for those renewing their license and new applicants – verification should only take a few minutes.

Councilor Jonathan Price, Environment Cabinet member on the council, said: “Most people are registered to pay taxes and this new national process aims to ensure that everyone pays the tax they pay. should, creating a level playing field for the compliant majority.

“HMRC is working with industry organizations to make this as easy as possible. The verification should take a few minutes every few years and is simply a matter of confirming that someone is properly registered for tax purposes.

You will need to complete the verification if you are:

  • taxi driver (hackney carriage)
  • driver of a private rental vehicle (and dual license)
  • private rental vehicle driver
  • scrap dealer
  • mobile scrap metal collector

Find out more at www.staffordbc.gov.uk/tax-conditionality-taxi-drivers-private-hire-operators-and-scrap-metal-dealers


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