Hamilton County to Grant Full 30% Tax Refund in 2022


CINCINNATI – Homeowners in Hamilton County will see their property taxes cut to the percentage promised years ago in 2022.

After voters approved a half-penny riverside sales tax to help fund new stadiums in 1996, they were promised a 30 percent property tax refund. While the county was able to secure the rebate in the years after the tax was passed, Hamilton County has only offered a 30% rebate on two occasions in the past decade.

“In 1996, voters went to the polls …[they were] promised a 30% discount, ”said Alicia Reece, vice-chair of the Hamilton County Commission. “There were a lot of promises in there. We keep the promise for the stadium, we keep the promise for the schools. The only people we broke our promises to are the taxpayers, the landlords. “

Reece said the discount is adjusted every year. The administration had initially considered a 10% discount for 2022, or about $ 28.24 per $ 100,000 of household, but Reece said it made sense to give 30% instead.

“Look at this year – based on revenue up to $ 91 million, the reserve [fund] is in place and based on the fact that people are still battling COVID-19 and trying to survive economically, it makes sense that we are doing 30% this year, ”Reece said.

The commission unanimously passed the rebate Thursday, returning about $ 89 for everyone’s $ 100,000 in home value. The owners said the increase occurred during their feeding period.

“Everything to help the neighborhood, especially with the economy right now,” said resident Cindy Bastin. “A lot of people are struggling, there are a lot of houses. If you go to the auditor’s site, you will see that a lot of people don’t pay property taxes because they have a hard time doing it.”

While the refund was a promise made to voters, county officials said they feared 30% would not be sustainable in the years to come due to the pandemic.

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