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In light of the government’s recent announcement that national insurance rates are set to rise, many of us will see a little extra out of our pocket. But with this new increase, how much will it actually cost you?

In order to find out, the Golf Travel Center decided to detail how much these tax changes will cost you in return and what it will cost you in parties, take out, luxuries and vacations.

Depending on which tax bracket you are in, the additional tax you will need to pay will vary:

So how much more will you have to pay?

Employees earning 15,000 will be taxed £ 68 per year, which is equivalent to a match ticket for a Premier League game, party or full body massage.

For those earning £ 20,000, the additional tax will cost you £ 130 per year. All in all, this equates to a 3 month gym membership, 1 night, 2 rounds in a luxury UK hotel or a tea party for two at Fortnum and Mason.

Taxpayers in the £ 30,000 bracket will be taxed an additional £ 255, allowing you to play golf once a month at a club, buy a first class Eurostar ticket, or buy a month’s store of golf. food and eating out for one person.

Those earning £ 40,000 will receive £ 381 per year, which equates to an Aston Villa season pass, 5 nights, 4 nights of luxury Italy golf and spa or a Dyson hairdryer.

For those earning £ 50,000, an additional £ 631 will be due in taxes, which equates to a 3-month Equinox membership, flights from London to New York and a month’s food for a family of four.

People earning £ 60,000 will owe an additional £ 880 in taxes, an amount equal to dinner at your favorite restaurants at least three times a month, 3 nights in Costa De La Luz, Spain, or with the purchase of a iPad Pro.

People earning in the highest tax bracket will see the biggest increase, with a hefty sum of £ 1,130 added to their tax bill. For that price, individuals could have bought Arsenal subscriptions, a 3-night stay in a 5-star hotel in the Algarve, or an iPhone 12.

For golfers and athletes alike, here is what the increases in the cost of your favorite activities and vacations look like:


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