Fast loans versus traditional loans

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It is natural for people to compare. We do it all the time and the reasons for doing so are very simple; establish differences and know what is best for us, especially if we refer to money or lack of money. In that case, which is better? the traditional loan or the quick loan.

It is a question that we must undoubtedly ask ourselves before applying for a loan. In this article we will help you with some of the most important differences between one and the other. You’ll see that Polumbine fast loans have many advantages over traditional loans.


Quick loans are in vogue

Quick loans are in vogue

Until not long ago, the only way to get a loan was through a bank. If we were lucky, the credit was granted once we submitted all the paperwork. Instead, we now have another option. Thanks to the internet, the procedures are on the way to disappear and with the traditional loans the same thing happens. Quick loans have all the good things about bank loans, but they offer a much more comfortable service that adapts to current times. No need to waste time and the loan is granted immediately.


Small amounts

money loan

Unlike traditional loans, fast loans are intended to facilitate reduced amounts of money. In Polumbine, for example, you can order from 1,000 to 8,000 dollars. On the other hand, traditional loans usually cover a higher amount, which can cause problems when canceling the credit. Quick loans go to the heart of the matter, money for specific items that is returned in a single payment.


More accessible

More accessible

Here we arrive at one of the key points. Quick loans have the great advantage of being much more accessible. You just have to fill in some personal information and that’s it. You will not waste time because if you are not going to go crazy with data and more data. On the other hand, traditional loans demand too many requirements, which ends up discouraging many people who really need the money.


Immediate approval

With fast Polumbine loans, in just 24 hours or less you will have the money available to use it as you wish. Yes, you read that right, just one day since you placed the order. On the other hand, traditional loans take more days to be approved and delivered to the applicant, and only in the case where the procedure has been carried out correctly because if not, you will have to return to the bank or financial entity to complete the documentation again .


Help online

Help online

If something characterizes fast loans is its dynamism and the application of all available internet tools. In Polumbine you have immediate and online support, which makes the process much more agile. No need to move to go to the bank, as with traditional loans.


Expiration date

Expiration date

In traditional banks, they usually give us long terms to return the money. Is that good or bad? It depends. In general, accumulating debts and kicking forward is not the most convenient, especially if the expense is small. With fast loans, you return the money quickly and in a single payment and something else, in Polumbine you can also request an extension if you do not get to raise the money when the payment date is met.


Clear interests

interests rate

Another great advantage of fast loans is related to the interest rate. At Polumbine, you will know in advance what the existing interest rates are. This does not happen with traditional loans, whose interest depends on several factors, such as solvency and the applicant’s employment status.

If you convinced yourself that applying for a quick loan is the option for you.

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