Electronics hit by new 2% Greek government tax


The Greek government has added a new tax on goods and services, this time a 2% tax on the purchase of personal computers, tablets and smartphones.
The tax was voted on Tuesday by the Greek parliament as “reasonable remuneration” for the benefit of intellectual property owners.
In addition, digital video and audio recorders as well as electronic storage drives larger than 1TB will have an additional 6% tax on their price, while a 4% levy will be added to photocopiers, scanners, printers and disks. drives up to 1TB.
The Federation of Hellenic Information and Communication Technology Companies (SEPE) spoke of an “unfair” and “anti-development” tax on digital goods, disconnected from European reality.
“The SEPE expresses its firm opposition to the law on reasonable remuneration for copyright for the moment, and underlines the serious consequences it will entail,” the federation said in a statement released Tuesday.
The amendment was discussed in the summer of 2017 and the original proposal was that the tax be added to smartphones only.
These new levies on technological products are in direct contradiction with the recent declaration of the Prime Minister according to which his administration places the digital at the heart of the strategy of the economic growth model of the country, a key point to get out of the crisis.
SEPE points out that imposing such levies can cost Greek consumers more than 65 million euros ($ 76 million) per year.
Many other EU states do not pay the digital tax and where it is imposed it is much lower than that of Greece.

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