Child tax credit cut taxes by $ 47.2 million in southern Arizona, says Grijalva


TUCSON, Ariz. (KGUN) РRepresentative Ra̼l M. Grijalva released a new report from the Joint Economic Committee estimating that 95,000 monthly tax reduction payments for the Child Tax Credit were sent to families in the 3rd Arizona Congressional District in August.

A total of $ 47.2 million in tax cuts went back into the pockets of families in southern Arizona, according to the report. Statewide, 795,000 monthly tax cut payments were made to families in August for a total of $ 353 million. The average payout was $ 444. Nationally, the Joint Economic Committee estimates that child tax credit tax cuts inject $ 19.3 billion into local economies each month, supporting local jobs and businesses.

“This historic tax cut puts money back in the pockets of working families in southern Arizona so they can afford to babysit or put gas in the car to work, save money. food on the table, cover school expenses, spend money in our local businesses and continue to develop our local economy while improving the lives of their families, ”Grijalva said in a press release. “Our next step must be to make these child tax credits permanent in order to create a basis for structural equity and opportunity for families in this country. I urge honorable senators to express their support for the Build Back Better program which will continue these tax credits for Arizona families.


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