Cartwright: Child Tax Credit Cuts Tax Payments to Help Area Families


WILKES-BARRE – United States Representative Matt Cartwright announced this week that approximately 96,000 monthly child tax credit tax reduction payments have been sent to families in the 8th Congressional District in August, according to a new report from the Joint Economic Committee.

Cartwright, D-Moosic, said an estimated total of $ 30.8 million in tax cuts has returned to the pockets of working families in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Local lawmakers joined families in the Wilkes-Barre and Scranton areas online Thursday to highlight the child tax credit. On Wednesday, millions of families across Pennsylvania received their third round of monthly tax cuts under the expanded child tax credit program included in the US bailout. The virtual meeting was hosted by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.

Mountain Top mother of four Lauren McCurdy is currently a member of the Crestwood School District School Board. She said it was the boost her family needed. McCurdy said she runs a four-generation household.

“My dad was a frontline worker in the COVID unit at one of our local hospitals,” McCurdy said. “My husband had to continue working throughout the pandemic. And I was very scared all the time about what might happen.

McCurdy said she was desperate to keep things together, so that little bit of extra cash in her pocket gave her some peace of mind.

“These things really matter,” she said. “Time is money and money is time, and a quality of life for a parent is really about giving your kids a little more time and when you are rushing all the time and you cannot provide those precious hours in the evening before going to bed. Because you make up for what you can’t deliver during the day. That is what this tax credit has enabled us to do here.

McCurdy added, “Now I have that little extra cash in the bank and feel like I can finally take care of some of the things that many other families would consider negligible expenses. But for me, they are really big. I’m able to do the things that I should be able to do with my kids now because I just have that little extra support.

State Senator Marty Flynn, D-Scranton, said the tax credit would help more than two million children in Pennsylvania, lifting more than 140,000 Commonwealth children out of poverty.

“It’s basically about overloading our economy in northeastern Pennsylvania by investing $ 30.8 million in the local economy,” Flynn said.

Flynn noted that this tax cut for working families was not supported by a single Republican in the House or Senate, but he also faces opposition from his colleagues both in State House and in the Senate.

“The Republican majority just want to store the money for a rainy day fund,” Flynn said. “When the house is on fire for a lot of people they are struggling to make ends meet during this pandemic, especially with their childcare they cannot afford. They cannot go to work, they have to stay at home with their children. It imposes difficulties, and it is not necessary when we have these funds. “

Flynn credited President Joe Biden and the Democrats with “getting this package through to the American people and the people of Pennsylvania, which is huge.”


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