Businessman is taken into house arrest for non-payment of tax on sale of property


Dhiraj Gogna was taken into house arrest after a judge said all New Zealanders were victims of his tax crime.


Dhiraj Gogna was taken into house arrest after a judge said all New Zealanders were victims of his tax crime.

A Wellington businessman who has not paid tax on the sale of a property has been taken into house arrest.

Dhiraj Gogna faced 30 charges from the Inland Revenue for aiding tax evasion and knowingly providing false GST returns between September 2009 and August 2014.

The total amount was $ 127,472.66.

In a recently released ruling, Wellington District Court Judge Stephen Harrop said all New Zealanders were victims of his offense.

Gogna, 41, previously appeared in court in 2019 for letting an unlicensed intern perform electrical work in 2019. He was fined $ 10,800 and costs.

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Judge Harrop said property tax was payable by his company, Gogna Investments, which was subsequently liquidated.

The GST charges generated more refunds than the company was entitled to.


The government announced in March that it was extending the light line test, reducing tax deductions on real estate investments, and stepping up investments in communal infrastructure to support real estate developments.

“The government needs the money to do everything that we expect from the government, so these are not victimless crimes. “

The judge said there was a significant amount of money at stake and the offense took place over a period of five years.

“You’ve had many occasions to realize that you were doing something wrong on behalf of the company to fix it, but it didn’t happen. “

Gogna pleaded guilty and the judge sentenced him to five months of house arrest and 100 hours of community service. He ordered Gogna to pay $ 60,000 in repairs at $ 2,000 per month.

Gogna had already paid a lump sum of $ 5,000 in damages prior to conviction.


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