Budget 2022: carpenters, taxi drivers, rice sellers should pay taxes – Rep Fakaye


… As House passes southeast, southwest, north-central, northwest of Dev. Commissions

By Levinus Nwabughiogu-Abuja

Carpenters, taxi drivers, rice vendors and indeed, anyone with an income should be forced to pay taxes, House of Representatives Member Hon. Olufemi Fakeye said.

Fakeye, a member of the ruling All Progressives Congress APC party, representing the federal constituency of Boluwaduro / Ifedayo / Ila in Osun State, spoke commenting on the 2022 budget during the plenary session.

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“I’m aware of it right now and it has been said here that only two quarterly outings have been made now, we are in the last quarter of the year. It is a joke about how much effort we put in day in and day out to make sure the budget gets passed on time.

“I pay attention to the shortfalls for the government. I remember when I was young everyone paid taxes. Whether you are a farmer, your daddy was a carpenter, whatever he did for a living he paid taxes.

“Now we have tended to forgive everyone their tax except those with income where the tax is taken from your income and the rest is paid to you.

“I think our tax reform should be such that every Nigerian has a chance to contribute. Go there and talk to 80 or 90 percent of Nigerians, many of whom are self-employed; they no longer pay taxes.

“So when we hear the federal tax service or tax organizations, or even joint tax commissions widening the tax net, why are they hesitant to find a way to make people pay – whether you’re a carpenter, a taxi driver, whether or not you sell rice in the market. These people make a lot of money, but they don’t pay anything. So I think this is an area that I would like to see increase in income, ”he said.

Meanwhile, the House passed bills to establish a Southeast Development Commission and a Southwest Development Commission.

Bills establishing a North Central Development Commission and a Northwestern Development Commission have also been adopted.

While the Southeastern Bill was titled “A Bill Establishing the Southeastern Development Commission to Act as a Catalyst for the Development of the Southeast’s Trade Potential, Receive and Manage Funds From the Southeast”. ‘grant from the Federation for the rehabilitation, reconstruction and repair of homes and businesses lost to victims of the civil war, and to address any other environmental or development challenges; and for Related Matters ”, that of the south-west was entitled“ A bill establishing a commission of development of the south-west charged, among other things, to receive and manage the funds coming from the allocation of the account of the Federation, including donations and gifts, reconstruction and rehabilitation of roads, houses and other damage to infrastructure suffered by the region and the need to address ecological issues and any associated environmental or development challenges in the Southwestern States; and for related matters. ‘

Likewise, the bill for the center-north was entitled “A bill establishing a development commission for the center-north, responsible, among other things, for receiving and managing the funds coming from the allocation of the the Federation for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of roads, houses and other infrastructure damage suffered by the region due to the effects of the community crisis as well as to tackle ecological problems and any other environmental or environmental challenges. associated development in the north-central states; and for Related Matters ”, just like that of the North-West was also entitled“ A bill establishing the North-West Development Commission responsible, among other things, for receiving and managing the funds from the allocation of the account of the Federation and International Donors for the establishment, rehabilitation and reconstruction of roads, houses and commercial premises destroyed by the multinational crisis as well as to fight against the threat of poverty, the level of literacy, ecological issues and any related environmental or development challenges in the North West State; and for related matters ”.

Recall that there is already the Northeast Development Commission and the Niger Delta Development Commission which deal with the South-South States.

With development, all six geopolitical zones now have a Commission.

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