5000 PLN loan – in which companies?

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Until recently, obtaining a non-bank loan of PLN 5,000 was a relatively expensive challenge. By borrowing such an amount, we had to be prepared for the fact that we would have to give twice the amount to give back.

Today, fortunately, this situation looks a bit different and borrowing PLN 5,000 from a non-bank company does not have to mean bankruptcy for us.

The easiest way would be to reach for such a loan

The easiest way would be to reach for such a loan

In a bank because it would be the cheapest option. But what if we can’t get the cash you need from the bank for various reasons? We have other solutions to which we should pay attention. I will try to bring the cheapest or the cheapest non-bank loans in the amount of 5000 PLN.

Of all the companies whose offers I checked, it was in Wonda that I found the most favorable installment loan offer. Such a high amount of loans appeared in the company’s offer relatively recently and thanks to this we can say today that Loan and Credit’s offer is the cheapest installment loan up to PLN 5,000 available on the non-bank loans market. If you want to borrow such a high loan from a company, you must know that the maximum repayment period is 18 months.

Loan and Credit’s offer is available to persons from 18 years of age who do not have debts both in the debtors’ databases as well as in the BIK databases and have income that will allow them to repay the loan installments without any problems.

I found the second cheapest loan

I found the second cheapest loan

Option through Good Credit, but here, taking into account that we will take out the loan in the self-service loan option. In short, this option is an online loan and therefore a much cheaper offer than the well-known home loan. In contrast to E-Money, here we will have a slightly wider range of loan repayment options because by reaching for a loan of PLN 5,000, we will be able to choose any repayment period from 12 to even 36 months.

However, we must know that the longer we choose the repayment period, the lower the installments will be, the higher the loan costs will be.

Good Credit, like Loan and Credit, allows people from 18 years of age who have a valid ID and no debt to obtain a loan.

In the case of Good Finance loans

In the case of Good Finance loans

the amount of PLN 5,000 is the maximum loan amount available in the company’s offer. The loan is granted without the need to submit income statements and Good Finance belongs to companies providing loans without verification in the BIK databases , which are often the main barrier to getting a bank loan. The loan repayment period can be set individually by selecting the repayment period from 6 to 24 monthly installments. The Good Finance Bank loan offer is available to persons who are over 20 years old and no information about debts recorded in the National Debt Register (KRD).

Also in E-Money we will find a non-bank loan in the amount of 5000 PLN, which through the company can be borrowed for a selected period of 3 to 24 monthly installments. Company loans are granted remotely using the Internet and the contract is delivered electronically via e-mail. You can get a loan without any obstacles if you are over 20 and you are not indebted in debtors’ or BIK’s databases. E-Money is one of the companies that allows you to get a loan without having to transfer a penny from your bank account.

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